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    CMC 141 Sheets Video - AEM Metal

    views, Updated: February 28, 2022 by aemmetal
    CMC 141 Sheets
    Details as follows:
    CMC 141 Sheets
    Brand: AEM Metal
    Size: 1.5 mm T x 97.79 mm W X 134.62 mm L
    Surface: Rolled surface
    Thermal Conductivity at 25℃ 
    In-plane: 220 W/M•K
    Thru-thickness: 180 W/M•K
    CET at 25℃: 6.0 x 10-6/K

    Cu/Mo/Cu (CMC) is a sandwich composite including a Molybdenum core layer and two copper clad layers. It has adjustable CTE and high thermal conductivity which make it suitable for heat sink, head frame and microchannel cooler for PCB. All types of CMC sheets can be stamped into components.
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