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    Tungsten Carbide Powder Price? How Much does the Tungsten Carbide Powder Cost?

    views, Updated: February 20, 2020 by aemmetal
    To know the tungsten carbide powder cost. First, we need to know what is the tungsten carbide powder.
    What is Tungsten Carbide Powder?
    Tungsten carbide powder (chemical formula WC) is the primary raw material for cemented carbide production. Tungsten carbide powder is a black six square crystal with a metallic luster. Its hardness is similar to diamond, a good conductor of electricity and heat. The melting point is 2870 C, the boiling point is at a temperature of 6000C, and the relative density is about 15.63 (18 DEG C). Tungsten carbide is insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid, soluble in mixed acid of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. The pure tungsten carbide is fragile, but the brittleness is reduced if mixed with a small amount of titanium, cobalt, and other metals. Processing as the tungsten carbide cutting tool, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide is often added to improve the anti-explosion capacity.
    Applications of Tungsten Carbide Powder:
    Tungsten carbide's most outstanding property is its hardness. It is primarily used in the production of a wide variety of industrial tools and wear parts that are subjected to a great deal of stress. Many high-performance processes, such as metal drilling, turning, and milling, are only possible with the industrial application of tungsten carbide in carbide tools.
    Tungsten Carbide Powder Price
    Since we know what tungsten carbide powder is, someone may want to ask: How about the tungsten carbide powder price? What is the cost of tungsten carbide powder?  For this question, AEM Metal informs you that the tungsten carbide powder's price is always variable because different countries and companies have different prices. If you want to know the latest price of tungsten carbide powder, it would be better to write an email or send an inquiry to the tungsten carbide powder manufacturer or supplier.
    There is no doubt that the metal material manufacturers in China have more extensive cost advantages than suppliers in other countries. Because China is a great  manufacturing country famous for the lower labor cost, raw material center, and mature supply chain with high quality. AEM Metal is an excellent refractory metal material manufacturer and supplier in China for the tungsten carbide powder.
    Why Choose AEM Metal?
    AEM Metal is an excellent refractory metal material manufacturer in China! We supply all kinds of refractory metal materials like Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium, Vanadium, Chromium, Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium, Rhenium metal materials worldwide. We supply all shapes of refractory metal plates, metal bars, metal rods, metal wires, metal meshes, metal powders. We devote to be the best refractory metal material supplier and factory in the world. We provide a wide range of tungsten carbides, from excellent grades with an average grain size of approx. 0.5 μm to substantial average grain sizes of approx. 50 μm.
    If you want to buy tungsten carbide powders or want to get a price quote, please send an inquiry or email us.
    Phone: +86-0731-89578196

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